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Can you hear me?

Incredibly I find myself in the position of having my own radio show! I know, how on earth did that happen? I’m on the radio every weekday from 4 til 6 (gmt +1) and I’m trying to make the show interesting and relevant to the listeners – i kind of imagine that i am talking to myself – i.e. a 30 something worker who’s still in the ‘how did i get here?’ phase of moving to Mallorca. I also do the hits and headlines game which is real fun, i’ve got lots of people listening and participating which is a thrill.
In the first week i covered mosquitoes, and last week sun protection – which is why I’ve posted information about both of those topics in my blog as it is linked to the radio website So I’ll keep posting those interspersed into my other blog writings. The next one is going to be about jellyfish (urrgh).
If you want to listen to me and send me messages online you can do so via the radio website which has a listen online facility. Or if you’re in the area then you can tune in on 100.3fm.

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