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Where the hell am I?

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather recently. Not sick exactly, just not on top of my game.

Perhaps it’s the sunshine. Or the enormous amount of Rosé that I seem to have to consume as soon as it gets hot.

I’m not sure. But after speaking to Tomas, my cultural correspondent for the show, I think perhaps, after all, it IS the sunshine. Tom used to live in Ireland, and hankers after the weather. I know, he needs his head examining doesn’t he? All that rain.

There’s a definate slump in activity as we slope towards the height of summer, and as the temperature rises you can expect a direct increase in shortened tempers and even shorter conversations.

I remember the first year that I lived in Mallorca: I watched in awe as my feet and ankles swelled whilst the temperature rose until I was immobilised by the heat. But since then it hasn’t really been a problem, I like it when it gets hot. But for some reason, this year, I can’t quite get it together. Amateur spiritualists have made suggestions that my moon is rising, my yang is in my yin, or I haven’t feng shuied my house to the nth degree, but actually I just think I’m a bit tired. But tired of what exactly?

It’s four years, last week, since I moved to Mallorca. I remember the hard work to get here, and the incredibly stressful drive through France and Spain with two hyperventilating cats, and then the overwhelming relief I felt when I finally got onto the ferry at Barcelona to make the final leg to Mallorca. It all sounds really romantic when I write it, but the actual reality is that living in Mallorca is tough. It’s not all Place in the Sun and moving documentaries. Sometimes it’s not much fun at all. At the moment we’re all starting to worry about the economy both here and in the UK.

Estate agents can’t quite bring themselves to admit that the low to mid range of properties are not moving as fast as they would like them to. Building companies are going bust left, right and centre. A plumber from the UK just bought Mallorca’s football team because it had to be sold due to the insolvency of its chairman. What the hell is going on? And what should we be doing?

Have we shot ourselves in our collective feet? Did we burn too many bridges? We’re committed to Mallorca, but is Mallorca committed to us?

I feel a theme of the week coming on.

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