Moving to Mallorca – theme of the week

We’re talking this week on Luna Radio (100.3fm or listen online at http://www.lunamallorca.com/) about moving to Mallorca.

Monday I spoke to Tomas who is originally from Mallorca. He moved to Ireland when he was a teenager – he lived in Ireland for several years, and really loves it, but once his kids had come along he felt that he needed to return to Mallorca as he thinks the healthcare system is better here.

Tuesday I spoke to Danny Darcy. Danny moved to Mallorca when his kids were small. He wrote his song Barcelona Sky after he and his wife did the infamous Barcelona ring road. If you’ve not driven around the Via Cintura in Barcelona then try to avoid it – especially if you’re trying to make it to the ferry port to meet a boat! You can download Barcelona Sky at his website http://www.dannydarcy.net/. Danny told me that he loved living in Mallorca because of the positive feelings that emanate here.

Wednesday I spoke to Neil Crofts from http://www.authentictransformation.co.uk/ He moved with his kids and wife to Mallorca last year. He works as a life coach and you can subscribe to his free weekly email newsletter at his website. Neil said that he felt Mallorca was a great place to live from a work point of view as it is very well connected to the rest of Europe.

Thursday I spoke to Jan Edwards, who writes the blog http://afincalife.blogspot.com/ and Diane Foden who writes http://twocrumbliesandacat.blogspot.com/ both of which writing about the insanities and unusual happenings which us ex-pats experience once we’ve moved to Mallorca. Jan had some good advice – if you’re thinking about moving here then rent first. Don’t just leap in with both feet and buy a property, rent and be sure.

On Friday I spoke to Becky from www.mallorcasolutions.com and she totally blew my mind with the amount of paperwork that is needed when you first get here. The system has recently changed and you need an EU Citizens Certificate before you can get anything else now…… Just speak to her, as I am no expert!

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