Money money money

Well, it’s not exactly a cheery subject but we do have to talk about it don’t we? Money makes the world go round, or is it Love? Well probably both if we’re being honest.

Monday I spoke to Oliver Neilson who is the head of news for Luna Radio, and an ex-city gent. He gave me the ‘idiot’s guide’ to the economy. Which I am hoping that he will write down and post on this blog as I don’t want to get it wrong. Basically it’s all America’s fault, handing out mortgages to people who then can’t make the payments, plus the cost of oil has more than doubled in the last year…… So is the economic situation hitting home in Mallorca? This week we’re going to find out…..

This week’s guests:
Mon: Oliver Neilson, Head of News, Luna Radio
Weds : Kate Mentink, Calvia Council
Fri: Daniel Chavarria Waschke. Engel & Voelkers

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