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In the words of my chum, Diane Foden (http://twocrumbliesandacat.blogspot.com/) , I’m new here, so….

To all of the nice people who have added me to their blog listings. thank you. There is no particular order – it’s all a bit haphazard here as you may now have noticed (one day I’ll sit down and properly explain what the bejeezus has been going on for the past few months) but here goes:

Carloz at Spain: The Blog

Andrew at AlcudiaPollensa

Diane at Two Crumblies and a Cat

Jan at a finca life

Laura at Move to Portugal

Thank you for the nice comments from Rachael at Miles Away in France

Thank you to all of the people who have mailed me to say they like what I am writing, it’s very encouraging.

I have also added the thrilling Live Feed so I can see that real people are reading my blog, not just my mum! So I have to explain that the blog is partly about my life, and partly a blog to update listeners to Luna Radio and Radio One Marratxi on the themes of the week…. so that hopefully explains the haphazardness of the whole deal.

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