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Fitness in Mallorca

After some rather unkind comments about how fat I was getting, I decided to do theme of the week on Fitness a couple of weeks ago.

Here are the contact details for the people who I spoke to:

Katie Handyside
Personal Trainer and Nutritionist
Tel: (+34) 636 322 959
e-mail info@katiehandyside.com

She told me that the best thing to do was get moving doing something that I really enjoyed…. just bung on the ipod and get out and about. Any small changes contribute towards a bigger change. She recomended finding motivational music and getting out early in the day so that the exercise was completed before the rest of the day kicked off.

Alexandra Swindells
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Tel: (+34) 620 266 212

Alex told us about the benefits that hypnotherapy can have in helping with motivation to get out and get moving. She also gave us an interesting insight into what it feels like to be under hypnosis.

Anne Mawson
Pickles Ballroom
Tel (+34) 685 593 150

Anne and her partner Ian run Pickles Ballroom in Magalluf. They host Latin In Line classes which individuals can go along to without a partner and enjoy dancing to latin music. She said that it’s often easier to exercise in groups. The Latin in Line classes are pòpular for the benefits you get from dancing – not just fitness, but also increased alertness, and a mood lifter.

Dr Michael Stoma
Tel (+34) 971 676 334

I initially spoke to Dr Stoma about the basic health checks you might like to do before you embark on any particular exercise programme – blood pressure in particular is important, But we then went on to talk about his impending trip to Ghana with physiotherapist Jayne Coombs – they’re off to initiate the set up of a physiotherapy centre in the Dagme Hospital….. So when they return for their travels I hope to speak to them on the air.

If you would like to donate any supplies such as bandages or orthopadic supports please contact Jayne Coombs at 667732992 or to make a donation to the Physiotherapy Clinic Project, East Dagme Hospital through http://www.mediterranea.org.es

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