the dog with no name – update

Since the late night email I sent out yesterday and the radio appeals on Luna and Radio One Marratxi, we’ve so far had pledges of donations for about €350! But please don’t forget to make the transfers !

The smallest, but most touching donation came from a little girl, called Holly; she emptied her piggybank and gave all of her ‘good money’ (ie not the play money) which came to a grand total of €3 to help the dog, and the biggest donation so far has been from the Euro Weekly Newspaper who pledged €150.

I’ve checked in with Riccardo and the dog is making good progress – the dog was actually hungry this morning which is a great sign. The dog was weighed today, he is 40k, but should be twice that….. he’s got a long way to go before he’s healthy again.

Thanks also for the fantastic emails and advice. I think Riccardo and his wife and their team are feeling very supported now which is important as they are giving their time and efforts for nothing.

If you can make a donation towards the care of the dog then please do so.

You can pay it into

La Caixa 2100 4379 64 02 00053059 El Toro. Urbanizacion El Toro. Gran Via 21, Calvia, Spain.

I am the administrator of the account and it’s in my name (Victoria McLeod), and the account nickname is ‘the dog with no name’.

Or you can go directly to the Vet surgery in Peguera to make your donation there – which six people have already done this morning! For the address of the surgery visit: http://www.clinicaveterinariapaguera.es/

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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