the dog with no name

I was contacted yesterday morning by Riccardo who is the vet at Clinica Veterinaria Peguera. He is faced with a dilemma. On Tuesday a man called him to go to see his sick dog which was in a finca in Calvia. Riccardo went along and found this poor dog in a terrible condition – dramatically underweight, unable to walk, riddled with parasites, ticks, worms, you name it, and with his throat and legs shredded to pieces by repeated attacks on the dog from rats – he was too weak and confined to fight them off. The dog’s front left leg has no skin on it from the rat attacks, and you can see the rat tooth marks in the dog’s throat and shoulders. He is missing fur all over the front of his body, and is so thin that it’s a real shock to see a dog in this condition.

Riccardo told the dog’s owner – I think we should put the dog down now to put him out of his misery, but the owner insisted that he would do whatever it would take to get the dog back to a healthy condition. So Riccardo took the dog to his surgery in Peguera and started to nurse him. Three days on, the dog is starting to turn the corner, he’s holding his head up, drinking water and eating without assistance. Riccardo and his wife told me that they have never taken so many ticks off of an animal before, ever. Three days on, and after repeated grooming, they are still finding more. The dog is currently fighting off blood poisioning from the rat bites, and is being pumped full of vitamins, antibiotics, saline….. (I’m saying, ‘the dog’ instead of giving him a name as I don’t think he even knows his name….. he’s never been cared for, or fed properly, he’s lived in this outhouse in a finca all of his life – Riccardo thinks he is about 1 ½ yrs old. He needs a name, but firstly he needs to get better. . . ).

Then yesterday, the dog owner called Riccardo and told him that he had changed his mind, didn’t want to pay for any treatment, and wanted the dog to be put down . . . Riccardo took a decision and told the (now ex) owner that he wouldn’t be putting the dog down as he believes he will recover if he can continue to receive treatment.

That’s when Riccardo called me to ask if I could help to make an appeal: he has asked for help to meet the costs of the medications, and special diets that the dog will need to get well, the dog will also need to have an operation on his leg when he is stronger: to graft skin back onto his leg where the rats (I’m not kidding, RATS) chewed away at his leg. Riccardo (who is a fantastic vet) is offering his services and time and facilities for free. He has asked me to keep the accounts for him so that there will be no misunderstandings and that everything is above board.

I went to see the poor thing this afternoon, and it’s so awful to see him. The guys at the vets are taking really good care of him, and they have a lot of respect for his ability to pull back from what really was the brink of death.

Let’s not go into the type of person who would let an animal get into this state. It’s incredibly cruel to have neglected him to the extent that he was literally starving to death and being eaten alive.

When you think of what type of dog this is, it gets even sadder – he’s a St Bernard, the breed which heroically saves walkers and skiers in the mountains, and has such a good tempered and gentle character.

Riccardo has estimated that the cost of medication alone will be in the region of €1500 to get this guy well. If every person who I have emailed donated just €10 then we could cover it. I think it’s worth it. Right now he is staying in the vet’s surgery and has a foster home with a very good carer in Calvia over the weekend when the surgery is closed. I know it’s just one more case of animal cruelty in Mallorca, but this is one which is right in front of me asking me to help, and now it’s right in front of you too, so please if you can help, then do…..

If you can make a donation towards his care then please do so. You can pay it into La Caixa 2100 4379 64 02 00053059 Accounts information will be available and open to anyone who wants to see it.

If there are other things you think you could help with then please call or email me……….

After such an awful start in life, let’s give this gentle giant the chance of finding out how nice humans can be…… Imagine seeing the photos of him healthy, happy and rehomed with new owners, think how great you’ll feel that you helped him on his way.

I’ll keep you updated on his progress – just mail me back to tell me that you want to know how his story pans out….

Please pass this onto anyone you think might be able to help…

Have a lovely weekend.

Vicki x

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