The dog with no name, Monday update

I spoke to Riccardo the vet today.

The dog is doing good! He took his first few steps this morning – he hadn’t been able to walk since he arrived at the surgery last week. The ticks are under control, he’s eating and drinking and ‘doing his business’ as Riccardo so delicately puts it!

On the donations front – so far several people have been to the surgery to drop off money….. Riccardo estimated it was about €250; I’ve just heard from Manuel and Jens at Restaurant Jens – they did a whip round at their lunchtime service and have collected €280! Which is terrific.

The Euro Weekly are running the story across all of the editions of their paper – so I’m really happy to get the extra publicity for the dog, and they’ve also pledged a €150 personal donation which is very kind.

And money is starting to be donated into the La Caixa account – the balance is at €116 on that account, with plenty more pledges made to put money into the account.

So if everyone who’s pledged money actually makes the donations – either directly at the surgery (which is open from 9.30 to 13-30 this week and closed in the afternoons) or into the La Caixa account – all details below – then that leaves us about €500 short of the €1500 target….. so if you know of anyone who might make a donation then please introduce them to this blog.

Thanks and have a lovely day

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