The dog with no name, Thursday update

The dog with no name enjoying a cuddle with his foster carer, Rita

Hi all.

I went along to see the patient this morning and he is doing much better. He was lifting his head up, making doggie noises and being much more interested in what is going on around him. Rita, his foster carer, told me that he doesn’t make a fuss about having his dressings changed but he’s started to resist taking his pills orally, which she says is a good sign as he’s getting stronger and showing his personality a bit more.

If you pick up a copy of the Euroweekly today then you might see he’s featured in there.
Also, money wise we’re doing very well. We’re over the €1100 mark now and only have to collect another €400 to make the target.
Riccardo is back next week from his holiday and I’ll find out then what is happenning about the denuncia of the ex owner
Have a lovely day and thanks very much for showing your support.
vicki x

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