Dynamics Part Two

So, it is my birthday soon…. I am trying to get into the spirit of things, with about as much enthusiasm as I did for Christmas: I know I will enjoy it when it gets here, I just can’t stand all the fuss and business beforehand.

Last year my birthday was spent in a dismal bar on a gloomy Sunday in Santa Ponsa, losing at the quiz league. During the evening one of my friends got threatened by a drunken older lady who thought she’d had her coat stolen, and the rest of the regulars of this particular bar (who clearly didn’t go out during the day except to purchase the next installment of Encyclopedia Britannica) wooped our asses at the quiz. I am in a team which plays home games and away games. This was the worst away game I’d ever been to. (FYI this season the team I play in is not doing any better than last year, even with the summer to swot up, but it’s only a game….. isn’t it?).

Anyhow, I have decided to take my birthday party destiny into my own hands and have decided to have a party at our house. Which instantly leads to Dynamics, Part Two. Some of my friends don’t speak to some of my friends. Mallorca seems to be very good at this – the village thing, but in a bad way. I have a large group of friends and I would like them all to come to celebrate with me the passing of a year, so I have invited them all. And now leave it in the lap of the gods as to what happens next. Will they all come? If so, is the house large enough for some of them to hide from others in order to avoid confrontation? Or will there actually BE a confrontation? (Alcohol is extremely cheap here, so I am putting my money on this option).

More news as it breaks. Or as my crockery breaks. Mental note, buy plastic glasses and hide all sharp objects.

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