Thursday October 1st


Goodness me, it’s great bringing up my little girl in Mallorca, she’s just turned four, she goes to our small local school, speaks three languages, she’s a complete darling, very happy, and has lots of international friends, as do I. Some of my friends look after my little girl when I’m working, and I reciprocate for them. But let’s keep our collective fingers crossed that there isn’t a Majorcan version of Ofsted about to come round checking for ‘illegal babysitting arrangements’ as several of my girlfriends and I will all be in trouble, Police officers Leanne Shepherd and Lucy Jarret in Milton Keynes have fallen foul of what might be the craziest new legislation in the UK: if you look after a friend’s child for more than 2 hours regularly, and in some way ‘benefit’ from it, perhaps by then being able to ask your friend to have your child when they need a sitter, then you need to officially register as a childminder! Add some more pressure on top of that with a new study that claims that the children of working mothers watch more tv, eat more sugar and take less exercise, and it leaves you feeling a tad frustrated really. Interestingly the report didn’t cover the effects of working fathers on the health of their children…. but there’s always the next week and the next survey I suppose.




Anthea and Julian

It’s been a busy week in the Andratx area where we live. Local residents were out in force last weekend to support Julian De Freitas. Julian is preparing to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Kenya over the next couple of weeks in aid of www.schoolsforkenya.com . Julian is part of a team of 12 climbers all attempting to reach the summit and raise a target of 85’000€. So it was great to see so many people at the Bridgeport Restaurant on Friday September 25th to participate in one of Julian’s legendary fun quizzes. Along with the ‘Reject Raffle’ the event raised over €1000 on the night. Julian expressed his thanks to the Bridgeport’s owner, Errol, and his team for hosting the evening and supplying delicious Indian snacks to boost the quiz teams’ brainpower! You can donate online by visiting the website, and I think there may be a follow up quiz night after the team return from Kenya. By the way, congratulations to Anthea, Julian’s partner, who is expecting their first child next March!



Claudia, Blanca and Trudi

Another well known face from Andratx celebrated last week. Trudi Murray, the founder of Gaia Natural had an open evening at her beautiful shop in Palma. Gaia Natural began about 6 years ago when Trudi did a school science project with her kids – creating soap in their kitchen. From that simple experiment a successful business has grown to the extent that she is now a Master Artisan soap maker. Using totally natural ingredients, many of which she grows organically in her garden in Sa Coma, Trudi has created an important brand for Mallorca. She’s a well known feature at craft markets around the island, and a visit to her shop should be on your ‘to do’ list if you want to get some genuinely unique Mallorcan gifts for friends and family. Many of the soaps and creams are designed for use by children and babies. Apart from the lovely products she makes by hand you can also find other services such as yoga classes and massage sessions, and of course a rather nice cup of tea is always on offer. www.gaia-natural-mallorca.com


ROCK AND ROLL – for grown ups

Tony and The Cadillacs played last weekend at Sharkys in Palma Nova. They’ve got plans to make a regular revival night for rockers, so brush up your blue suede shoes and get ready for some fun nights over the winter. www.tonyandthecadillacs.com




ROCK AND ROLL – for kids


Boogie Baby  Promotional Photographs

Red Nose Day was back in March, and I organised a kids’ event to raise money for Respiralia, the Cystic Fibrosis charity on Mallorca. We had an incredible turn out – over 250 children and their parents came along to Mood Beach to party for a couple of hours and raise over 1500€ for a deserving cause. It was an exhausting, but exhilarating experience for everyone involved! Now local girls and young mums Sadie Dominguez and Carly Weeks have got together to launch Boogie Baby which has its inaugural event this Saturday afternoon from 15.00 to 18.00 at The Gallery Club in Palma Nova. It promises to be a lot of fun – specifically for kids under the age of 9, it’s a disco for the whole family and an opportunity to have some fun. Sadie and Carly from Boogie Baby are planning to hold parties on the first Saturday of every month which will feature face painting, a bubble machine, a soft play area, a dress up box, a clown, balloon bending, snacks for all, and loads of terrific music played (in this instance)  by DJ God, Des Mitchell. They’ve thought of everything, even the lovely Sally from Angels Nursing Agency, and Chetana from the massage company Bodhana will be in attendance. Tickets are available in advance for 9€ per head (non walking babies get in free) or €10 on the door. Knowing what this sort of event entails I wish the Boogie Baby chicas lots of luck: our little girl has already got her princess outfit looked out for Saturday afternoon! Carly 608 396 919 or Sadie 659 686 353


MUSICAL – by kids, for kids

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat was originally written by Tim Rice, and occasional island resident Andrew Lloyd Webber well over forty years ago for a school group. This weekend is an opportunity to catch it at the Sala Mozart in Palma 2nd – 4th October. Performed by Centre Stage Productions you can get more info from 971 221 530. Good luck to one and all!


If you want to suggest a family activity please email: familymattersmallorca(at sign) gmail.com

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  1. Nice Blog! I agree about the working fathers thing, never mentioned is it? Perhaps all parents should give up work and live on a fixed government income, slightly communist style, leaving ‘work’ to less family orientated parts of society. We could all get a free Lada and wear brown utility clothes.

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