Peter Crouch

By Vicki McLeod

There’s a quiet, bone-loving alien in the corner of our living room. He looks like a goat, but is actually a Podenco Ibicenco, an Ibizan Hound. I’d never even heard of one a month ago, let alone considered giving one a home. But it’s typical of Mallorca, there always seems to be an animal that needs your help.

The dog was discovered by Amanda on an abandoned finca in Portol, wired up to a post and completely neglected by his owner. I don’t agree with that treatment, and neither did Amanda.  After some calls to find help to pay for the dog’s inevitable bills (thank you to Cristaleria Calvia in Peguera and their clients for covering his bills) he was liberated and arrived at the door of Riccardo Gigoli, a vet in Peguera.

A homeless, huge, scared, skinny dog: how were we going to home him? I had an idea…  In the meantime he had half of his tail amputated, was deloused four times before he was bugfree, and started to eat for England. Whilst I was working on my husband (“At least let’s give him a home until he’s better…..” bat eyelashes), I did some research on the breed. Ibicencos are notoriously calm in the house, good with children, but not great with anything small and furry as that is what they are bred to hunt (how would the cat cope, I wondered).

So, following a long conversation with my husband, the dog moved in: at first he was quiet, eating, sleeping, regaining strength. But then the more curious side of his nature started to appear, including some ‘Mission Impossible’ style raids on the kitchen. Incredibly he ignored the cat, and vice versa, ‘Dog? What dog?’

Naming the Ibiceno was a tricky process, because as soon as you give the dog a name, that’s it, he’s a family member. We struggled through a list of corny names (‘Lucky’, ‘Suerte’). Then one school-run morning my husband yelled ‘Get beeping Peter Crouch out of the beeping way’, and realised that a) we’d found a lookalike for the England football player in the lanky dog that was gratefully following us around and b) we’d just adopted the Ibizan version of the Greyhound.

He’s not the cuddliest of dogs: all bone and skin, but he has gained four kilos in a month. Endearingly he likes to be tucked up with a towel around his ears, looking just a little bit like E.T.  As I said, there’s an alien sitting in my living room, and it must feel to him like he’s landed on another planet.

You can find me wasting my time and chewing the fat at: http://www.facebook.com/vicki.mcleod

For more info about Podenco Ibicencos go and visit: http://www.ibizanhoundrescue.com

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  1. Vicki, I am so touched by your story. I happen to love Ibizencos. Our Nina is a Mallorcan Street Variety, and I found her in a trash container in Manacor when getting rid of a juice bottle, huddled up to her dead sister. She hates cats – but only the neighbor’s ones, our own she loves. Go figure. I think it’s because she understands that the cat, too, is adopted and if they don’t share one of them is outta here (just kidding, but don’t tell them I said that). For the chewing I suggest rawhide. It’s great, keeps them busy for a while, fills the stomach and tires them out. I used to give one out our dogs before leaving the house, and it saved the interior. Good luck and God Bless! (I now know why Ollie objected to the chicken and the duck)

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