Clothes Karma

Now that the clocks have changed we are all eagerly anticipating the warmer weather.  But for now, we have our regular wardrobe crisis. From one day to the next  you can’t be sure which shoes to wear: one day it’s flip flops, the next it’s boots. This in between  winter/summer wardrobe plays havoc in our house – there are piles of clothes everywhere at the moment.

Each year I diligently put away all of the summer clothes when winter comes round, along with the electric fans and mossie nets; then when it’s time for them they all come out again they are replaced by the jumpers, electric blankets and stufas

Of course, with my little girl this is a perfect time to sort through her clothes and clear out the stuff she’s grown out of. She enjoys the process of working through her wardrobe, trying it all on and posing in front of the mirror, but she’s not so keen on the concept of passing on what she’s grown out of to her smaller friends.  ‘But I LIKE that one!’ she will cry, ‘But darling, it doesn’t fit you, you can’t even get it over your head anymore.’ ‘But it’s MINE!’ United Nations diplomacy courses should include a module taught by four year old girls and their mothers as it’s certainly been an education to me to find that I had it in me to take negotiations to that level.  I can’t say that I always win though, and sometimes I secretly agree with her, it is tough to get rid of clothes that you love.  So, we have to go through the long explanation , about how there’s no room in the cupboards, she doesn’t wear that t-shirt anymore, wouldn’t it be nice to pass it on to her friend? Or, sometimes I just go through the cupboards when my daughter is at school, fill a bag with goodies and slip them quietly away to a new home.

But there’s always an upside, it’s about this time of year that we’ll come home to find a plastic bag of brand new clothes (well, brand new to us) hanging from our front door – a donation from another family handing on their stuff. And so, the clothes train continues. It’s pretty funny when we get all the kids together for birthday parties: watching the smaller ones running around with the bigger ones’ stuff on.  But that’s when you have to hope you haven’t been found out by your child – sneakily giving away her favourite clothes that don’t fit her anymore, and then being rumbled at her best friend’s birthday party: ‘MUMMY! She’s wearing MY T SHIRT!’. Ooops, back to those diplomacy courses.


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