Hello Stranger!

I almost ran over my cat this week.

In a strange way I enjoyed it, I haven’t seen him in months, so it was nice to see he was still alive, although his road skills haven’t improved.

We had two cats, a brother and sister, which we imported from London when we moved to the island in 2004. We’d had them since they were kittens when we adopted them from the local cat home. We painstakingly went through to the exporting procedures, all of the jabs and paperwork were done. With the vet we decided to drive them down from London to Mallorca because one of them had a heart condition; the journey was so stressful I think I had developed my own heart condition by the time I finally made it onto the Barcelona ferry.

We worried about the sun burning the boy cat’s nose and ears, they were so white. We trained the girl cat to stay on the pavement as we feared she was a bit too stupid to cross the road.  They caught lizards and huge bugs. Life was good.

And then we had our little girl, Gidg, and moved house to S’Arraco, and gradually everything changed. The cats were knocked down from first to last position in our attentions, and I think their feelings were a little hurt.

The girl cat hung in there, persistently showing us we were ‘her people’, leaping onto laps whenever there was one available. But the boy cat started to go AWOL, and would disappear for days on end. A friend of ours needed to home a couple of her cats, so we took them in, and exactly the same thing happened, they stuck around for a couple of days and then disappeared. We couldn’t figure out where they were going, until a neighbour told us about the ‘Cat Lady’ of S’Arraco. Apparently up the road from us lives a lady who generously feeds all of the local strays.  At a given time twice a day she rings a bell and all of the cats come running for their dinners.

I did manage to grab the boy cat one day and bring him back inside, to try to remind him that our house was where he was supposed to be living, but he did a runner as soon as possible. It broke my heart to see him dashing out of the window, what had we done to upset him?

But our boy cat, give him his dues he is the smarter one of the two, must have decided the menu was better up the road, and proving  what every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.

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