London Calling

Although we moved from London to Mallorca for a better quality of life I’ve got to admit to a certain amount of naivety about how I felt about the things I would be leaving behind. I didn’t realise that I would miss Tescos so much, or lurking around those enormous book stores on Oxford Street, with a steaming, take away coffee in my hand. I didn’t realise I would miss shopping, and I didn’t realise that I would miss the variety that London offers. How spoilt was I! Ooh, I need some fresh coriander to put in my salad, I’ll just nip around the corner and buy some. Not so here on the island, our local supermarkets just don’t seem to stock a wide variety of fruit, veg or anything a little bit different.

Of all the foodie things that I miss, I think the thing I have been longing for the most is to have a Saturday morning wander around Borough Market. Borough Market is a food mecca – delicious ranges of food: vegetables, breads, meats, cheeses, international foods, most of it being sold by the people who make it, or farm it. It was one of those idle, ambling types of Saturday morning shopping: not exactly working off a list, but if something interesting was on offer, then that just might turn into dinner.

So it was with a genuine feeling of excitement that I heard that we were to have a regular market in our village, S’Arraco, every Saturday morning.  It struck me last weekend as I was doing that idle kind of shopping (the type that drives you mad when you’re in a hurry and behind the happy, ambling shopper) that S’Arraco had managed to get its own little version of Borough Market going.  Not only was there two decent fruit and veg stalls, but an organic food and plant stall, a stall selling the juiciest olives and olive oil, and hallelujah, a stall entirely devoted to Greek food. I felt as if I had walked into a dream when I laid eyes on Farshideh and her amazing mobile Greek deli. She told me that she also went to other markets around the island and you can get more information at 652 333 693. It’s lead to a bit of an obsession with Greek food this weekend in our house, we’ve had houmous, tzatsiki, olives, vine leaves, and the best of all, grilled haloumi cheese. Heaven.

The local cafe has even started making little dishes of frito mallorquin which are just lovely. I can highly recommend S’Arraco market to one and all. Here’s an idea, come next Saturday morning, meet up and have a coffe, then have a gander round the stalls, then on to St Elmo, dip your toes in the sea and get a paella. Sounds like a plan.

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