Stir Crazy

It seems the island has gone a little mad in the past few days. Bar owners in particular have been getting very excited as finally the 2010 season seems to be starting.  It’s been great to hear friends of mine who run bars in Magalluf and Santa Ponsa exclaiming “We’ve got tourists on our terrace!”  Rumours have been spreading around about long established businesses really suffering so Easter couldn’t have come any quicker. 

Easter for my family means school holidays and huge chocolate highs, and lows. We’re struggling through, in a kind of: “Day Seven in the Big Brother House”, sort of way. GiGi, my daughter could have broken a glass today with her high pitched demands to watch the terrible ‘Tiny Pops’ TV Channel, rather than go for the nostalgia fest I was angling for with ‘High Society’ on in the matinee slot. I won, well I have to, I am the mummy: I kept telling GiGi that until it had sunk in that I did have some sort of authority in the house.  We should really  have been outside exploring with Peter Crouch the dog, but we’ve all come down with ‘holiday colds’: annoying coughs, snotty noises, aches, pains and general grouchiness. 

It’s typical isn’t it? As soon as we have a couple of days off scheduled where not much is going to be required of us then we all fall ill. So imagine: sick, bored, and wired on Easter eggs, the Neilson McLeod family sit caged in their house feeling sorry for themselves and ready for a fight.  Easter Monday saw many walkers come through S’Arraco on their way to St Elm. It’s a tradition around here to go there on the first Monday after Easter and my husband was beside himself with gloom at not feeling fit enough to take part in the walk.

Being stuck indoors certainly reinforced for me the fact that I should not feel guilty in anyway about my lack of interest (or opportunity) in being a stay at home mother, which has been the subject of quite a few different conversations recently:  how incredibly boring. Once you’ve got past the novelty of polishing everything and making the house gleam and sparkle (didn’t take long for that to wear off) what is there to do all day, apart from fight about whether to watch Tiny Pops or High Society.   Well, yes, there’s plenty of things to do when you’re not suffering with a lurgy, and the sun is shining, and that’s when Mallorca finally comes into its own – the beautiful spring flowers, the blossoms, the pretty sunny days, and the mild evenings.  So, if someone could rebook the Easter Holiday again for next weekend so that we can all get over our bugs, then bring it on Mallorca, let’s go!


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