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Back to basics

Technology failed us badly over the weekend. My husband and I both rely heavily on the internet to work, and it was with a great deal of frustration that our connection to the world wide web ground to a halt. That was swiftly followed by a total satellite TV shutdown which meant our daughter couldn’t watch the annoying ‘Tiny Pops’ (annoying because it is so repetitive: there’s only so many times a little girl can watch the same episode of ‘Timothy Goes To School’, well, you’d think so, but so far she’s doggedly hanging in there). This left us the option of ‘making our own fun’ (the smutty minded of you out there can calm down, I’m talking about jigsaws and taking the dogs for walks).

So we were getting back to basics and after the initial annoyance that we couldn’t deliver any work or check our emails, we actually started to enjoy it. Ignorance is bliss after all. In the spirit of ‘family activities’ we trekked off to the middle of the island for a craft fair only to be confronted with something we haven’t seen in years: a fully fledged tail back of cars. It didn’t take long for impatience to set in, and once we reached our destination we didn’t have as long there as we had hoped for before having to rush back home again for an appointment.

It’s ‘wood time’ you see. Last year we bought a tonne of logs for our wood burner which came via truck. But this year it was delivered by mule and cart. It gave my husband a great deal of pleasure to see the woodman hitch up his beast of burden to the hook which is set into the wall of our one hundred year old house.

Thankfully the oven decided to keep working, although for some reason two different electric lights decided to explode and we had to eat by candlelight. After a slap up dinner we put a very sleepy but happy little girl to bed, how often does a mule come to the house after all? An executive decision that drinking a bottle of wine (or two) was the order of the day and was followed by a late night debate (argument) about politics, books and plenty of other random subjects.

When Monday arrived so did the internet, after some coaxing from my husband, and so back into the world we went.

What did we learn from our weekend of zero interaction with the big bad world? That we don’t like it when things break, but sometimes it’s good medicine to be cut off from the world, if only so our daughter can appreciate Tiny Pops just a little bit more than she thought she ever could. (or you can always try pigeon)

(first published in 5.10.10)

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