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Full Moon Madness

It was a full moon on Monday night, and frankly, it made me go a little loco. I wasn’t exactly howling at the moon, but I was suddenly filled with a burst of energy which lasted all night. And what did I do with this energy? Well nothing saucy, but I was still very excited – I de-cluttered. Emptied cupboards. What a buzz. My mother in law would have been very proud, once she’d recovered from her dead faint.

I do sound unhinged, I know; but if you haven’t tried it you can’t imagine the feeling of liberation as you get rid of ‘stuff’ you don’t need or use anymore.

Now, you are allowed to imagine the kind of mess we live in normally: come on, we have a little girl, a cat and a dog, a ‘unique fixer-upper opportunity’ of a house, two really demanding jobs and we live in dusty S’Arraco. It’s not as bad as the houses you see in ‘How Clean Is Your House’ when Aggie and whatsername descend on the owners and embarrass them into changing their hygiene habits, but rather we have a lot of stuff that we hadn’t quite got round to deciding what to do with.

It’s in my genes: my grandmother used to keep old wrapping paper, string, elastic bands, everything. And my mother is like that too. The McLeod women don’t like to throw things away which might turn out to be needed the day after: that is our equivalent of sinning. But something about the Full Moon inspired me and I spent the whole night sorting through cupboards and putting some back, some in the bin, some in a charity shop bag and some in a pile to wend its merry way to the Central Auctioneers in Magalluf. I was feeling so happy I was almost hysterical with joy as I made snap decisions about what to keep and what to ditch and I revelled in the beauty of an empty drawer.

When dawn broke on Tuesday morning I thought I would at least go to sleep, but being strung out from the night meant that having a nap was not going to happen. But why, of all nights had I suddenly been inspired with the urge to clean? Did it really have anything to do with the Moon? So, I looked it up on Google, and realised with a slow shock mixed with sleep deprivation and the remnants of hysteria that of all the full moons this year, that was the one to affect my star sign. And the next star sign to be affected will be Pisces on the next Full Moon . . .

Yeah right, what a load of old guff, I know, but just to be on the safe side I’m going to try to invite a Piscean to stay over on the night of August 24th because by then the house will probably need a really good clean.

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