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Fair’s Fair

Everyone seems so tired at the moment, me included. It seems as if the island has been holding its breath, and has finally been allowed to breathe out, slacken its belt and prepare to hunker down for the winter.

Perhaps it’s because the seasons changed and now it’s wintertime in Mallorca. It kind of snuck up on us. One day we were hanging out on the terrace sipping wine watching the sun go down and then all of a sudden we’re digging out the socks and jumpers and wondering where the brandy is. In come the log deliveries (we’re very back to nature around here, ours is delivered by horse and cart), and out go the fans and icy drinks.

With the winter season comes the fairs, which I love. Every weekend there is a reason to journey to a far corner of the island to discover another speciality, and they are almost always food related. Perfect. We have the excuse to pack ourselves into the car and go on a family outing, or (if we are having a hibernation moment) we can choose to stay in cosy up with the log fire and a home cooked roast. Either way, Sundays have become sacred days to us. Which is one of the things I appreciate about the typical Mallorcan life, you really can’t do much on a Sunday; you have to spend it with yourself, with your family or with your friends. It’s up to you.

Or perhaps we are storing up some energy for the forthcoming Christmas party season, which will hit the island hard and fast come December.  I like to take little presents for the guests at house parties and BaleArt (which is going to be on the Borne in the middle of Palma this year) is the perfect place to buy those little gifts: a jar of artisan honey, a bar of handmade soap, a piece of carved olive tree: it’s all there and all available, and all typically Mallorcan.

The other not to be missed fairs are the ones organised by the expats, it’s a great opportunity to socialise and catch up with people who have been so busy throughout the summer they forgot their own names, let alone yours.  (I know, I look at people, recognise their faces but can’t for the life of me come out with a name). I’m looking forward to the Portals (Dec 5th), Santa Ponça (11th and 12th) and the Mood Beach fairs (18th) partly for the opportunity to scoff mince pies, surely they have no calories in them if you eat them whilst walking? But mainly for the chance to reconnect with people who have been working so hard this year just to survive.  Let’s try to make our winter season count: friends, family and gatherings.  Bring it on, we owe it to ourselves.


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