Cast your mind back, do you remember, Facebook gave me a piano? Well, now we’re having a bit of a furniture dilemma. What do we get rid of to make room for the beautiful baby grand piano which now resides in our living room? La Gidg and I are very happy about our new piece of musical furniture, but at some point soon I am going to have to do something about the fact that there’s just too much stuff in our front room. Again.

We moved our baby grand from our kind donor’s apartment in Puerto Portals to our house last weekend. It took ten volunteers (two of which had monster hangovers from a big night out) three hours to get the piano out and down a flight of stairs, onto and off a truck and into its new home. It was described as the Mallorcan version of an executive team building course. Others mentioned the PG Tips advert, or even Laurel and Hardy and the piano moving sketch. You can say what you like, make whatever jokes you fancy making, we have our piano, in our house. It got here, more or less, in one piece. We couldn’t afford the cost of a professional piano moving operation, so without the friendly, muscular assistance (much of it rallied from Facebook), and lots of patience, our piano would still be in Portals. So, thank you one and all.

I had started 2011 with an extensive clearout of my family’s belongings, and in doing that discovered something: that most of the time, the things I was getting rid of, we hadn’t either wanted or even chosen. We have become a depository for other peoples’ rubbish and unwanted bric a brac. ‘I thought you might like it / need it / use it etc. I’ll just leave the item here, and you can decide what to do with it’. We’ve even had second hand stuff posted to us from the old country, things we don’t need. So it was lovely to have a clear out. The guys at the Salvation Army seemed very pleased with my offerings as well. So, I promised myself that I would stay in control of our belongings, that our stuff wouldn’t take over our lives again, and I have to keep that promise. Now I’m faced with a delicious problem, of how to fit our fabulous piano into my strict ‘one in, one out’ rule. A piece of furniture is going to have to go, and it’s going to have to be a big piece.

Meanwhile, we’re going back on the air, a year and a half after Luna Radio ended. Starting soon, my husband and I will be doing a new radio show, every Friday night from 8 – 10pm on 107.4fm Hmmm, I wonder if the studio needs a sofa…


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