Big is beautiful

We are a tall family, I’m 5’9”, Ollie is 6’3” and La Gidg is ‘big for her age’. I hate that term. It gives me such a shiver. ‘Que grande!’ exclaim the Mallorcan mummies at school when they see my baby. I hear ‘Isn’t she HUGE!’ and I correct them, ‘Yes she is tall’.

I grew up, a ‘big girl’ and I really don’t want my little girl dealing with big girl issues when she’s only five. I’m dreading taking her to the paediatrician, they’ll probably put her on some growth inhibitor or something. When I was pregnant the midwife scared the beejeezus out of me by repeatedly telling me I had a ‘gigante’ in my tummy. As you can imagine the birth wasn’t easy with me wondering (read panicking) how matter was going to overcome mind.



These days she’s wearing clothes for seven and eight year olds, but that is Spanish sizes. I would love to take her to Germany or Scandinavia and find that she was just the right size, in fact, perhaps a little on the small side for her age. Shopping is a misery in Mallorca, not just for her but for me too. There’s simply nothing to buy for the curvier chica or the five year old long legged gazelle. I posted something onto Facebook to see if anyone knew of anywhere to get something glittery for a ‘do’ I had to go to last week. Punto Roma, El Corte Ingles and C & A where the only places recommended in the whole of the island for the larger lady, and lots of online shopping places too. Now online means being more organised and doing more forward planning, you can’t order something online and expect to see it the next day, and what if it doesn’t fit /suit? No, that wasn’t going to happen, so the only option was shopping or borrowing something. As we were about to launch into a long Easter weekend of shut shops the shopping was out as well (which I’ve got to admit I wasn’t heartbroken about). So borrowing it would be. Happily for me my friends have a very optimistic view of what size I am: I popped round to one to try on some of her glittery frocks and couldn’t fit into any of them. But I did manage a jacket, which went with a frock from another friend and so poc a poc it came together.

There has been a decision made though, which if I write it down here should hopefully encourage me to stick to it. A small diet and health kick is calling, not only for myself, but to set a good example to La Gidg – she does share my genes after all. Poor kid.


(first published Euro Weekly Newspaper 28th April 2011)

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