Bucket List

We’ve just come back from a quick trip to the UK to see my little brother and his longstanding squeeze, (and mother of his two lovely boys) get hitched. It was a wonderfully happy affair. We also stayed with my hard working in-laws, who are both retiring this week and are planning to do plenty of things with their newly discovered free time, much of it revolving around travelling, going to the movies, gardening and playing golf. The two things got me thinking about my own goals, and what I want to achieve in the next (cough) twenty four years before I am supposed to be able to retire, although I doubt when I hit sixty five that it will still be an option…. we can but dream!

What I do know though is that I don’t want to have to wait until I hit the magic number to achieve some of my ambitions, so here I am, making a list – one for each of those years. What’s yours?

  1. Do more (read any) sport – be able to do a handstand, learn tennis, start a netball team, discover if I really don’t like skiing or it’s all in my mind, improve my rifle skills
  2. Learn what to plant and where, milk a cow, raise ducks
  3. Repay the kindnesses that others have given me
  4. Stop using hand signals when I am trying to communicate in Spanish
  5. Get lost for a summer of wandering
  6. Have dinner with Richard Branson and Alan Sugar, and be the one paying the bill
  7. Make a wedding quilt for my daughter
  8. Go hot air ballooning, learn how to do power slides and drive in a rally
  9. Be able to draw more than a stick man and bad daisies
  10. Go on a long train journey across Europe and Asia, go to Alaska and see the Northern lights, go to Tokyo and Bombay, drive across North America and walk the Camino de Santiago.
  11. Do something really big, Live Aid big, for the planet
  12. Learn how to play poker and the piano
  13. Understand the stock market
  14. Do an English literature degree
  15. Go to the Monaco Grand Prix first class
  16. Have a room of my own
  17. Know how to taste the difference between grapes in wine
  18. Spend a week not saying a word
  19. Be so well informed that I can explain the Palestinian conflict
  20. Write that book whilst living in a house by a lake
  21. Get a tattoo
  22. Have a pinstriped suit tailor-made for me
  23. Say ‘quick follow that car’
  24. Be wise enough to know that you can never go back, but that tomorrow is another adventure


I’ve read that intention is everything, we’ll see I guess. Here it is in black and white. Tick tock.



(first published Euro Weekly Newspaper 26th May 2011)





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