Child’s Play

I can’t decide which is annoying me more – the fact that our streets are still lined with political propaganda posters almost two weeks after the election, or the fact that we have less than a month to go before school ends and the seemingly never ending summer holidays begin.


On the one hand, it would be great to think that the newly elected politicians are all busily getting down to their new jobs with extra gusto, but on the other, I know that none of them actually take office until the middle of June. So whose responsibility is it to take down all of these posters that were so eagerly and obsessively put up in the middle of the night (waking up my sleeping child in the process). Nobody seems to know, or care. At least in my little borough of Andratx the streets are tidy, but drive through Santa Ponsa or Portals and the many and varied faces of wannabe Mayors are still gurning at us. I am sure our VIVs (Very Important Visitors, a.k.a. our tourists) are fascinated to see the litter and shredded, sun bleached photos instead of taking in the view of the beach. It’s so nice to see that our environment really matters to the people in charge.


Although, here’s a thought, why not hang on until the middle of June when all of our school children won’t have a thing to do for three months. Perhaps we can organise a clean up campaign to keep the kids busy whilst we all work the hardest we possibly can to try to make the 2011 season a success. Isn’t it mad? Not only does Mallorca rely on tourism for 80% of its income but it makes it almost impossible to have kids and work in the busiest months of the year. Ah, yes, summer school. So that will be another expense, and one that I can’t claim for in my autonomo expenses.

There’s a thing called lateral thinking, which is defined as ‘solving problems through an indirect and creative approach’, but I don’t even think these issues are worthy of that, just a bit of applied logic should surely be able to solve it. Negotiate with the teachers’ union, make the holidays shorter, get air con for the classrooms, or make it easier for small business owners and employers to help their employees get through the crucial months when we can all hope to put some cash in the bank. And get the bin men to go out around the streets and take down the hundreds, possibly thousands of those signs.

I am a bit fed up with the ‘hey, that’s the way it is in Mallorca’ answer, accompanied with a heavy shrug of the shoulders. I hope the new administration hits the ground running, with a pair of sharp scissors and a great idea what to do with a 5 ½ year old for three months… It could be as easy as child’s play, if they want.


(first published Euro Weekly Newspaper 2nd June 2011)

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