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I’ve been spending a lot of time working recently, and not much time having fun. It’s ‘the season’ so it’s only to be expected, a lot of people are super busy. But it is important to remember to enjoy the island which we live on, and so I turned to my Facebook family and asked them for their top tips for spending some leisure time in Mallorca. Enjoy their ideas (all of the recommendations come from people who live here), you can add your tuppence worth at http://www.familymattersmallorca.com. There’s plenty on the list that I haven’t done yet, and now I can’t wait until the weekend!

Phil ‘da Noise’ Cain Pirates, BCM, Western Waterpark, Palma Aquarium, the views in Porto Cristo, a day trip to Valldemosa, Son Amar, and the sunshine.

Carole Iley-Barrow Train ride up to Soller.

Lisa Davis Come Fly with Me!

Julia Church-Michael Palma old town at night buzzing.

Elaine Smith Pirates a must!

Annette Dunn A good tapas meal in Palma!

Ollie Broadley Doesn’t the Deia Music Festival start soon?

Murry Sanchez La Reserva, Puig de Galatzo – falcon show and BBQ at the bottom.

Martina Mallorca Visit some bodegas and their vineyards, and drink some of the best wines in Spain!

Murry Sanchez  Rent a yacht, and you can visit Cabrera, Sa Calobra, Porto Cristo, Soller, Andratx, Dragonera, Magaluf, and any other cala, hidden or not, and have your accommodation included !!! :)))))

Julia Church-Michael Don’t forget the N.E. coast, it is beautiful there. Try Font De Sa Cala. And Arta market on a Tuesday is super.

Carlos J Bestard Gorman Enjoying a Mojito at any of the sea front bars in Puerto Andratx at 8.30pm in time for the sun set.

Antony Lovelace Dinner in the old town in Palma followed by Abaco cocktails, Hogans for some live music and then followed by Casa Blanca or Globo Rojo for the single men while they can still stand up 😉 or if you want something free Vicki go to the beach, there are a lot to choose from, or Portals Vells for one with the caves

Suzie Jones Was Winkworth A day at Es Trenc, and walk the whole beach a must for people watching. X

Ann Hellemans ‎…drive from Sóller to Pollenca over Cuber and Lluc…

Susanne Hougaard Nielsen Private kayak rentals Puerto Andratx

Karl Grant A cocktail in Abaco!!

Claire Johnston Afternoon tea at La Residencia, Deia.

Gaynor Riopedre The Monastery in Valldemossa. Fascinating and very peaceful.

Eli Whillock Cala Deia and C’as Patro March restaurant or Tapas Bar across the bay 🙂
Nicholas Clayton Sightseeing bus round Palma, and of course dinner in the new Palm Continental, Portals

Caterina Andreae The road from Petra to Marina de Son Severa at 5pm on a sunny day. A meal at Santi Taura in Lloseta, if you are lucky enough to get a booking. The ham stand in the market.

Clive Davies How about skinny dipping at Es Trenc – or anywhere for that matter!


You’ve got to agree, there’s some really interesting ideas here, but I think Emma sums it up for us:

Emma Mason Eventually, the simple things in life truly are the best, so for Mallorca it really is the people, the sunshine along with the local hospitality, food, wine and their warm welcome for any nationality. Beach bar in the sunshine is my vote!Bottom of Form

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