Zzzzzzz . . . :­-)

It could be the heat, it could be the work, it could just be a build up of many years of long days and short nights, but all of a sudden my favourite thing in the world to do is to sleep. I’m not talking about siestas or micro naps, or power naps, nope, I am talking about full on 12 hour sleep marathons. I’ve been putting La Gidg to bed at 8pm and very shortly following her to the land of nod. It’s the most luxurious thing I have ever done, and I love it. I am more able to handle difficult conversations, more able to think clearly, I am less likely to lose my temper, all of these things I think make me a nicer person to be around.

So why is it that people see getting a proper night’s sleep as being lazy? I’ve certainly changed my mind, and as I understand as I get older I can expect to sleep less then I am very happy to put the hours in now. Sleep allows your body to recharge, Sleeping Beauty did pretty well out of it. This time next week we will be back to school (hoorah!) and our rising time in the morning will be set regardless of what time we go to bed, so I am going to make the most of it whilst I can.

There are stories of world leaders only getting a few hours sleep a night, but would we put them in charge of a nation (or heaven forbid, a war) if their meagre sleep quota meant they were jetlagged and could be arrested for reckless driving?  Margaret Thatcher famously got a maximum of four hours sleep a night and we know how grumpy she was. Thomas Edison was another famous for only getting four hours, and he changed the world with his inventions, but I’m not sure of the safety aspects of letting an exhausted scientist anywhere near electricity! I disagree that ‘great people sleep less’, but it has taken me a few decades to come to that conclusion. Einstein slept for ten hours a night, unless he was working very hard on an idea in which case it was eleven, he claimed that dreaming helped him to invent.

To be fair, the novelty of sleeping 12 hours a night may wear off; I think I am clinging to an idea where instead of our normal morning family routine where everyone is late, there is the inevitable daily row, no one can find their clothes, and we run out of the door at ten minutes to nine to get to school before the gates close. That if I get to bed early enough I will be able to rise early in the morning before everyone else, spend some time as the sunrises doing yoga, perhaps write a few pages of my book, make a healthy breakfast for my family and do the chores. Yeah, I know, dream on.

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