Rain? Pah!

So it persisted down last weekend, boy oh boy did it. We call it ‘money from the sky’ round these parts as it means we don’t have to pay Ramon to turn up in his big water truck (for some reason he always wears carpet slippers, I’ve yet to get to the bottom of that one) and fill up our cisterna as the rain runs straight off of the roof of our house and into the water tank.  I love a decent storm (complete with thunderous bangs and rattling windows) as long as I’m inside wrapped up in a snuggly jumper and sipping cups of tea whilst sitting by a roaring fire. I’m not alone in this view, I know. Unfortunately the rains started to fall on November the fifth, the same day as the Mallorca Cricket Club bonfire event and with the rain came the speculation that the long awaited fireworks display would be cancelled. Not so, rain does not stop play on this particular occasion, although it did test our resolve, could we really be bothered to brave the elements to go?

It was certainly a struggle to get myself, La Gidg and my husband out of the door and on the way to the party. Gidg was convinced that it was the worst idea ever, and was very cross at our insistence that she wear wellies and a raincoat. Even the promise of as many hotdogs and toffee apples as she wanted could not cheer her up. So it was in a black mood that we arrived at the cricket ground, but this miraculously started to clear as the rains ceased and the party began. The event is always well supported by local entertainers, and this year was no exception, plus of course there was the food: Mick and Spencer’s hotdogs, Jerry’s Hogroast and Wendy’s addictive gingerbread people and traditional Parkin. I’ve got to admit I’m really bothered about the actual fireworks (sorry), I was just happy to be eating and bumping into people I haven’t seen all summer. Gidg changed her tune completely and had a fabulous time, before crashing out in the car as soon as we left, truly exhausted with all of the excitement.

The MCC Bonfire Night party is reputed to be one of the biggest expat gatherings in Spain, I’ve heard that some years they have had up to five thousand people go through their gates! This year was the 17th time that they had organised the party and approximately 1’500 people came from all over the island to enjoy the occasion: good for them for not letting the prospect of some bad weather getting the better of them, very British! My congratulations go to the club for continuing this fantastic community event; they certainly work extremely hard to make it so successful and enjoyable. You can find out more about the cricket club here: http://www.mallorca-cricket.com


By Vicki McLeod

(first published Euro Weekly News 10th November 2011)

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