The ‘nice’ list

I have come to terms with Christmas. Like a runaway train, I can’t stop it from happening so I made a decision last week to get onboard before I got left at the station.

My little girl,La Gidg, could carry around a whole family’s worth of Christmas spirit on her own. She’s certainly got the taste for it: she is super happy with her two chocolate advent calendars (one from us and one from her grandparents). Bless her she asks me for my permission before she opens them and wolfs down the chocs. I confused her the other day by asking her if she was going to share with anyone. To her credit she did proffer a chocolate, but I doubt she’s keen to make it a daily occurrence. She’s also got the ‘Peace and Goodwill’ part covered as so far this festive season she has raised 140€ for little Charley Ray Myers with her kid triathalon – she walked five kilometres, swam ten lengths then scooted five kilometres. She’s also written a letter to the Three Kings where she asked them to make sure that all the poor children in the world had families that loved them (I got a bit choked up at that one). Then there is the traditional ‘end of term activities’: she has performed in her synchro team show, and aced her reading test at Kip McGrath. Sometimes I wonder if they didn’t give me the wrong baby in the hospital she’s such a good kid. So, she’s definately on the Santa’s ‘nice’ list. To that end we organised a video message from Father Christmas, I can highly recommend this: go and visit www.portablenorthpole.tv  to get your own personalised message for your child direct from Santa. It’s free and fun, but priceless to watch your child’s face as they watch Father Christmas actually speaking to them.

We’re trying to establish some family Christmas traditions, so we’re all off into Palma on Christmas Eve to take a tour around the nativity scenes and then we’ll come back home, eat supper and exchange a gift each, just to take the edge off the anticipation of the big day. Christmas Day will be spent with my Mallorca family. And then Boxing Day will hopefully feature a walk, nothing too strenuous you understand, just long enough to burn off a mince pie or two. My main idea is: walk around a bit, find a bar.

There’s the last minute craziness to come I guess, the bit where you have to lose your temper and have a melt down when you’re just fed up of queuing and shopping, or that could just be me I suppose, other people do keep insisting that they enjoy this stuff. So I might just mutter a small ‘Bah humbug’ to keep me happy.

Whatever you are doing, and wherever you are, I sincerely hope that you enjoy the holidays. We’ve certainly earned some time off to recuperate from this arduous year before the big push into 2012.

Merry Christmas, lots of love from v, o and g xxx


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