I can see clearly now

ImageI have hung up my running shoes, mainly because I seem to have developed a limp. One knee does not like jogging and immediately starts to complain whenever I hit the road with my running group, swiftly followed by the rest of me also complaining. But hey, I have lost several kilos, this is GOOD. However now I am doing zero exercise: yesterday I sat on my sofa eating chocolate chip cookies and watched the Olympic gymnastics, the irony was not lost on me.

The whole point of exercise etc etc is to help me to get fit, stay healthy and look better. As my knee has thwarted my mission a little my husband has decided to find other forms of outdoor activity, he wants me to join him in his forays up mountains on a bike. Well, we’ve borrowed a bike, a very fancy one actually, and I have sat on it, in the living room. Crikey those seats are sharp, aren’t they? Anyhow, no actual cycling will take place until the weather has calmed down as it is now too hot to anything at all except sit in a swimming pool up to your nose, with a cocktail being siphoned in via a hose.

I am a glasses wearer, I have to wear them in order to read and type, which I do most of the day every day. In my ongoing Project Look Better I have realised that ditching the glasses may actually help (I’m beginning to think they may be a bit ‘ageing’). So I’ve been along to Specsavers for a contact lens trial. It’s quite good: they test your eyes, for free, to see if you can wear contact lenses, then they put a pair in for an hour to see how you get on, and then if you want to give them a go they give you, again for free, a few days worth of lenses to see if you can manage with them. How novel thought I as I walked out of Specsavers a couple of weeks ago with contact lenses installed: look at me being all modern and ‘go-getter’. I’ve got contact lenses in you know… A few hours later when I was taking them out I wasn’t thinking quite the same thing though and I really struggled on my own to remove them. I wasn’t frightened of sticking my fingers into my eyes or anything like that, I just physically couldn’t grab them to get them out. Ah well, thought I, my contact lens wearing career was short but illustrious. But by the morning I had changed my mind, and decided that being a quitter wasn’t going to help Project Look Better. Enter Zoe, a very patient employee at Specsavers. She coached me through putting in and taking out the lenses until I could do it on my own without panicking, swearing or involuntary crying. It took her about half an hour, and she was brilliant. Thank you Zoe.

 I picked up my first ever month’s supply of lenses yesterday, so far so good. Apparently, according to my Olympics’ obsessed husband, athletes have special contact lenses with tiny prescriptions to give them the ‘edge’. I told him that I wouldn’t be running before I could walk. 

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