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Musical memory lane

I was a teenager in the 80’s. I grew up with Duran Duran, Wham, Bronski Beat, The Smiths, The Jacksons, Madonna well not literally, but you know what I mean. Their music was continually playing on my little radio. I was a fanatical about it all. I would record the Top Forty on a Sunday evening, trying to pause the tape in between the songs so that I didn’t have to listen to Mike Reid wibbling on. And then of course there was Smash Hits. This magazine was the highlight of my and my friend Catherine’s week. We would pour over it, reading about our favourite bands, and of course drooling over the prettiest boys. We were both enormous fans of Duran Duran, and to save argument, or because it was convenient, we just decided to not fancy the same person in the band: so she had Nick Rhodes, the keyboard player, and I had John Taylor, the bassist. We think they would have approved of our choices.

Growing up though, I started to be embarrassed by my teens, and I dismissed the 80’s as a period of music which was best forgotten. But now I am beginning to come to terms with what a fantastic decade for music it really was, and what a lot of personality it had. This weekend coming, Saturday evening to be precise, there is going to be one of the largest ever reunions of tour guides to be held in Mallorca. The hard working people from ILG who worked here in that golden decade of tourism, the 80s, are getting together to party, talk and dance. Now you may find this a little bit out there, but I have always wondered what it would be like to be a DJ, I’ve presented radio shows before, and yes, there is music in them, but being a DJ is completely different. After leaning over several DJ’s shoulders and irritating them with stupid questions I made the foolish decision that it couldn’t be that difficult after all. So I have volunteered to be the DJ for Saturday night’s party: 70s and 80s classics only. Suits me fine.

Armed with a decade’s worth of Smash Hits and an encyclopaedic knowledge of music from 1975 to 1989, my DJ debut will be this Saturday night at Mood Beach. I’m planning a celebration of the music I loved and grew up with, and a boogie down memory lane. My colleagues and friends think it is hilarious that a 42 year old mother could want to be or even try to be a DJ. And you have to have a DJ name they keep telling me (DJ Mammy is currently their favourite) as they snigger behind their hands. Meanwhile to keep myself calm I keep secretly thinking ‘it’s just putting on records, right?’ We’ll see I guess. Please come along and support me, from 11pm on Saturday at Mood Beach in Costa D’en Blanes. Entrance is free.

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