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Summertime Special

It has taken me several years to come to terms with the length of the school summer holidays and this year finally I think I am prepared. I’ve learnt from bitter previous summer experiences that too much of a good thing is, well, not a good thing. Too much of the same summer school equals stress, difficulty in mixing with new kids, more stress, expensive but only runs for two hours a day, stressful and pointless. We’ve been through all of these scenarios in our time.

So we have mixed and matched this year. First off is a trip back to the UK to visit her paternal grandparents for a two week jolly around North Wales in a caravan. (Yes, we packed wellies, and jumpers and a coat). This involved flying on her own as an accompanied minor on a British Airways flight (well, nothing but the best for my girl, thank you). Gidg has been so excited about the idea of flying on her own she has been informing even complete strangers of her trip for quite a while now. In fact you may have been told if you stood next to us long enough in the queue in the supermarket. Mummy on the other hand was a tad stressed about saying ta ta. I was okay up until the actual day of the flight and then I had a wobble. But she made it safe and sound and actually pronounced the whole experience a bit ‘boring’!

Following this she will be off to summer school at Kip McGrath in Palma for a couple of weeks to continue to improve her reading and writing in English, and then the local summer school for a couple more weeks and then, Hallelujah! We’re off for a family holiday to France, and I shall be fulfilling my promise to myself that I will not be working in August, come hook or crook. I’m already finding June a struggle this year: imagine what kind of condition I could be in by August. So I will try to keep my promise to myself. Then she’s going on a two week sailing course which will take us neatly out of August and into September, and Bob’s your mother’s brother, back to school. Yay!

The part I haven’t forgotten from the past that it is really easy to get stressed out in the summer with work and childcare colliding with each other. All too soon La Gidg will be grown and she won’t want to go to the beach or the water park with her old mum or dad, so this year I’m really going to try to find the balance and make summer time special.

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