Taxing Times

La Gidg is now well into her summer holidays. The first two weeks were spent in the UK in a caravan in North Wales. This coincided with flash floods and heavy rainfall across the whole region. Apparently there wasn’t much to do because the weather prevented them from going out really. So back they trekked to her grandparents’ house as it was just too awful to spend another day in a hut in a field.

So, this means that there could be a stream of British tourists knocking down our doors this summer, right? To get some respite from the seriously terrible weather, well I hope so. We’re all going to have to remember to increase our prices by 10% to include the increase in IVA and income tax that is about to be applied to everyone here in Spain. Will that put off our visitors? Will they be able to absorb a 10% increase in hotels, transport, food? I hope so, as I can’t imagine spending a weekend in a draughty caravan in wet Wales is much fun.

Right now Mallorca is at its most vibrant. Every day there are events, fiestas, concerts and glorious sunshine. This week already in Magalluf there have been two top artists performing (Tinie Tempeh at BCM and Professor Green at Mallorca Rocks). This weekend coming there is the Radio One Extra party at Mallorca Rocks, and we have celebrity visits coming out of our ears! It’s all good news in the UK Press for the island, so let’s hope that the island can live up to the PR.

Some businesses are going to have to make a sharp increase in their prices to take into account the tax hikes. Hairdressers for example, who used to charge 8% tax are now expected to charge 21%. So a 20€ haircut will now cost you 22€. Certain foods will now cost more, I guess we can say goodbye to caviar and lobster sandwiches then…

On the upside King Don Juan Carlos has decided to reduce his salary, and they’ve curtailed their trips and holidays. No more elephant safaris for a while. We can expect to see Queen Sofia and her grandchildren at the Marivent Palace after she’s been to represent Spain at the Olympic Opening Ceremony. And the King will come to visit his favourite island at the beginning of August as well. So we have to remain positive about all the fantastic stories that Mallorca can generate about itself over the summer.

When La Gidg returned last week to the bosom of her family I picked her up from the airport, when we walked out into the sunshine, the wall of heat hit us as we stepped out of the building. She smiled and heaved a sigh of relief to be home. It’s good to remember that sometimes.

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