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The end of the world as we know it

signSo, the world didn´t end then. We didn’t have an enormous explosion, earthquakes or tsunamis. Aliens (as far we know anyway) didn’t show up to take us away. It wasn’t the end. But perhaps it was the beginning of another chapter.

Life in Mallorca has been getting increasingly difficult for a lot of people that I know my own family included. We are all feeling the effects of the financial crisis and the downturn has a marked affect, not just on our bank balances but on how we interact with each other, and how we treat our nearest and dearest. We´ve seen people moving back to the UK, some with public goodbyes, and some doing the proverbial ´runner´.  I am sure for a lot of people it was the sensible thing to do, I just don´t think that I could do it. >But I know how the feeling of not being in control of your life can lead to depression, it can lead to marriages breaking down, families falling apart, and worse.

My good friend, my yoga teacher, Kevin and I, and the rest of our class did a little ritual last week as part of our ‘end of term’.  Firstly we wrote down on a piece of paper what we would like to get rid of in our lives. (On another piece of paper I wrote what down what I would like to keep or get in my life and I put it away somewhere safe). And then we said a prayer to whoever or whatever we believed in, as it was a yoga class we did a chant to one of the Hindu gods, but I don´t think it matters what you do. Then we lit a candle and burnt the pieces of paper with the things that we wanted to get rid of until they were just dust. (I had to make sure I didn´t accidentally burn the one I wanted to keep!) We didn’t tell each other what was on the paper just kept it to ourselves. I didn´t think much more of it, but I watched to see if things would start to change in my life. The very next day I had a windfall, I got a new client AND I got paid in advance for something else. Sssh, I´m not saying what was on my piece of paper. But it´s working.  Slowly. I know, it might be superstition but by setting an intention you cannot deny that you do focus on clearing your obstacles and getting to where you want to be.

So there is my suggestion for the new cycle, the new year. Set your goals, make your wishes, and then keep heading for them, step by step every day. Do the ritual if you like, write your lists, make your vision boards, whatever works for you. Just don´t give up. Don´t stop trying.

Here´s to 2013, and to renewal. I hope your wishes are realised.


  1. Hello Vicki. Thanks for your article, bringing Yoga to the fore!! Glad you are feeling the benefits. I`ve been teaching yoga in Puigpunyent for over 20 years. My qualifications are with the Brish Wheel of Yoga in England and have been accepted by the Asociacion Español de Practicantes de Yoga. AEPY. I started with four expats in the days when yoga was thought of as something weird but now most of the classes are local people. I also teach in Palma prison.
    Congratulations! Keep up the good work!!!

    RitaXX (Norris) Liked the photo too, is it you?

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