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Weather or not.

by Nicola Tennant BrownIf you had told me nine years ago when I first moved to Mallorca in July 2004 that the winters were going to be the coldest that I had ever experienced, I would have laughed at you. Heartily, and for a long time.

If, you had also told me that my most favourite household gadget would be, not the washing machine, or the kettle (both of which seem to die on a regular basis despite Calgon) but the electric blanket, then I would have asked to take your pulse and wondered if you were sickening for something.  Not one of my UK friends or family believes me when I tell them that it gets properly cold in Mallorca in February.  But it can´t have just got cold from the winter of 2004 onwards can it? So why on earth are the buildings in Mallorca so ill prepared for cold damp weather? I don´t get it. We live in a stone house, stone cold. (Now I know where that expression comes from). We can stick it out for most of the winter but the depths of February are pretty miserable given that we have no carpets, no curtains, the windows are single glazed and we only have a wood burner. Hence my love affair with the electric blanket.  Perhaps the Mallorcans are just tougher than they look, how does everyone else cope? Fuel is so expensive now, I know of many people who can´t afford to put on their heating if they are lucky enough to have it because electricity is so costly. It´s student time, i.e. put on another jumper, and get under the duvet.

This chilly weather is a very good reason to have pets. We have five cats who function as mobile lap heaters, neck warmers, hats, and one of them is very keen on getting under the duvet with us and cuddling up in the crook of an arm. They also work as terrific alarm clocks, how many people are lucky enough to be woken by a chorus of purring cats all hoping that their telepathic messages are being received: FEED US, FEEEEED US! I call them my ‘Breakfast Escort’ every morning it´s a different cat sitting on top of me, its nose literally millimetres from mine.

I do take a great deal of pleasure in explaining to newcomers to the island about a) how ridiculously hot it gets in August and b) how painfully cold it is in February. I love their faces and the confused looks that run across them. Mallorca’s weather is great isn´t it? There is a wide range of it to choose from and the best bit is that we don´t have to put up with many overcast or grey skies. I can placate myself with the knowledge that we will quickly be back to blue skies and sunshine, and in six months’ time I can moan about the heat and not being able to think straight. Bliss.

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PS You can see photos of the snow in Mallorca from 2012 here.


  1. What a heartwarming post. . . I’ve aspiring to have a pet for more than a couple of years now. They way you describe your breakfast escort is beautiful, and illustrate just how much happiness animals give us.

    Best of luck with the weather, stay warm!

    1. Thank you Max, I really love our pets, even when they are sitting on my head purring the way only pneumatic drills can 😉

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