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“Me time”

Vicki McLeod, Mallorca, Health and Beauty PRLately I have been feeling tired, pooped, burnt out, nay completely and utterly exhausted. I’ve even been to the doctors to see if there was something wrong with me. According to the blood tests I am A-Okay, which I am sure you will be very glad to hear. But that didn’t resolve how I was feeling. “Take some time for yourself” I was advised (not by the doctor who, once he had established there wasn’t anything physically wrong me, had shown me the door pretty sharpish).

Right then, I shall try that, thought I.

So last week I planned that on Saturday morning I would go to the Palma Goes Yoga event in town. It is a free outdoor yoga class organised by several of the island’s yoga groups and last year I had kicked myself that I missed it. I was looking forward to going, what a novelty to do yoga outside with loads of people, and if that wasn’t “taking time for me” doing something I enjoy which is definitely good for me, well I didn’t know what could be.

Saturday dawned and of course on the way to Palma I had managed to give myself several other jobs to do which meant I spent the first forty minutes of the outdoor yoga class actually in my office printing off posters for Friday’s (October 25th)  Indulgence Day which I am organising at Mood. The irony did not escape me that whilst I was supposed to be going to the yoga class I was actually spending my time doing something for everyone else. The day itself is going to be great, there are almost 30 different therapists, make-up artists, hair stylists, yoga teachers, nutritionists, healers, chiropractors and many others all gathering at Mood Beach in Costa D’en Blanes to offer free mini sessions. It’s going to be fantastic, but you must book! Send an email to if you want to go.

Finally, after I’d got the posters organised I managed to get myself to Palma and joined in the class. As I sat on my yoga mat alongside some of my yoga class pals and our fabulous teacher Kevin McDonnell, I suddenly had a blast of complete and utter happiness. It was wonderful to be there. And I felt quite pleased with myself that I had (albeit late) turned up to participate. I DID feel better. Now what I need is for someone else to organise an Indulgence Day where I can be a punter rather than an organiser!

I’m hoping to get some time to speak to Suzanne Garaty who is a nutritionist who will be exhibiting there and who hopefully will set me on the right path to rediscovering my energy levels, I have a feeling a prescription which will include porridge may be involved. Whatever health issues you have they may well be addressed by some of the experienced and skilled people who are attending, so please come along and get involved.

If you can’t make it then put March 8th in your diary for next year as I will be repeating it then.

In the meantime, here’s some of my photos from last Saturday’s very cool outdoor yoga! Some outdoor yoga happening at Mood on Friday!

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