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A Room of One’s Own

Education Day, Mood Beach I’ve been away for a couple of weeks, back to the UK.

Not so long ago the fact that I had left my husband and little girl on their tod whilst I went off on a one woman jolly (it was mostly work and training: I enjoyed every second of it) would have been inconceivable. I would have been expected to stay in and not come up with such silly ideas. There were offers from older female relatives to fly in and save them but the two of them did very well without any outside help thank you for asking.

Back in 1929 the great thinker and poet Virginia Woolf wrote an extended essay about women and creativity entitled “A Room of One’s Own” claiming “Give her a room of her own and five hundred a year, let her speak her mind and leave out half that she now puts in, and she will write a better book one of these days.”    It’s true, a woman may well be in charge of the kitchen or the living room, in fact the whole house, but if she has a family then all of these spaces will be shared with others who may not remember to not fiddle with those papers, or just stay out of the way for a bit. Space and money are the two things that seem to be the scarcest; so many women simply don’t have them, myself included. So being in a hotel room on my own with only a computer, a kettle and unlimited teabags for three nights in deepest Derbyshire may sound pretty dull to you, but it was paradise to me. I GOT A LOT DONE. A lot of lists were made, diagrams were drawn, emails were sent, plans were hatched. It felt fantastic to be so productive in the confines of my Premier Inn.

I joke about missing Big Tescos and M & S, but in reality the only thing I really, truly miss about living in the UK is the incredible access I had to training. I have studied all manner of topics from print and radio journalism to aromatherapy and beauty therapy. All of the subjects that I took, sometimes on a whim, have expanded my life and furthered my career. It’s true what they say: knowledge is power.

This started me thinking about what is available here on the island for people who want to explore something new or try out a new skill, so I came up with Education Day which will be on Friday November 29th at Mood Beach from 11am.

I wanted to gather together as many types of tutor and trainer together that I could for adults and kids. You can learn how to present your own video, how to dive, how to meditate, how to prepare raw food, how to speak another language, about interior design, flower arranging, cocktail making, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, cake decorating, picture framing and sculpting, plus more being confirmed all of the time.

Get in touch at for more information about the event which is a one off and not to be missed. Please come and see and explore. Try to find some time, and space in your day to attend, you never know what you will learn.  

You can buy your ticket right now online here:

Here’s the current list of exhibitors:

  1. Escapade will teach Cocktail Making
  2. Mallorca Today TV will teach how to present your own video
  3. 3 Phase Language will teach Languages
  4. Kay Newton will teach about Vision Workshops and achieving your dreams
  5. Bodhana Wellness will teach Indian Head Massage and Reiki
  6. Storm Studios will teach Photography
  7. Sally Trotman will teach Meditation
  8. Beverly Pugh will teach Raw Food Preparation
  9. Suzann Finnie will teach Interior Design
  10. Kip McGrath will demonstrate their tutoring and classes
  11. Joanna Walton will teach Flower Arranging
  12. Fathima Shifara will teach Cup Cake decoration
  13. Sa Llavor will demonstrate their school and classes
  14. Pauline Quirke Academy will teach performance skills
  15. By Gloria, pastries, Gloria Mañez, offers cake decorating classes
  16. Silvana Calo, Mona Monina, how to organize an event for children
  17. Medisan, Dr. Marta Serna, offers skin improvement demos
  18. BNI/Business Networking International, Nidya Melone-Müller and Gina Vásquezoffers workshops about how to network, increase business, etc
  19. Bogarra Enmarcaciones and Raquel Bogarra will offer framing classes
  20. Patricia Martino, Prosapiens, offers workshops to companies: handling food, etc.
  21. Juan Waelder will offer sculpture classes
  22. Kay Newton will offer Vision Workshop classes
  23. Natalie Lightchild will teach about Energy Ways to Optimize and Empower Your Learning
  24. Debbie Cameron and Liz Dickinson will teach anti aging techniques
  25. Sue Sell will teach about the heart connection
  26. Marco Silva will teach about Leading your LIFE – use the correct mind set, eat healthy and exercise

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