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Everyone’s a winner…. Voting time!

images (5)So there’s this World Blog competition that I´ve entered….. (she said, trying to sound all casual about it).

The brief was to write a list of things about your chosen country of residence. I’ve written what I think is a fairly accurate and honest list of “Commandments” for anyone thinking of moving to Mallorca. What do you think? Have a look here:

If you like the article then please leave a comment at the end of it on the Expat Blog website, the comments count as votes. Voting closes on Friday night so get busy if you want to support me!


  1. Hey there! I´ve also entered the contest for Spain! I´m trying to contact all of the others in our country group so we can comment on each others posts´. Every comment counts right? You have so many comments and I haven´t seen anyone else with more. Maybe we can help each other out for the country prize! I´m no where close comment-wise to yours but I´m trying! 🙂

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