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Charlie and Orlando
Charlie and Orlando

I was never a brownie, or a guide, (I know, looking back that surprises me as well). But when I was a kid I just didn’t “get it”. I certainly didn’t want to dress up in an outfit that took its colour inspirations from the results of a bad curry and incredibly I didn’t want to join in. At all. Ever. What I wanted to do was be a cub, or a scout. But it wasn’t allowed, girls were not allowed to join. Which outraged my nine year old self. Now, as a grown up I can see the benefits of putting kids into single sex environments: I went to an all girls’ school which had the results of making me: a) totally useless around boys, which I suppose from a parents’ point of view is a bonus, and b) very good at spelling, with excellent exam results. The single sex environment worked up to the point where I finally DID discover boys, smoking, truancy and the fact that I could get into the centre of London on a tube pass and no one would notice as long as I was back in time for dinner. But that was thirty million years ago and times have changed. Now it seems to that it’s the boys who need help and encouragement to develop their skills and confidence. The problem being that there doesn’t seem to be a regular club or group which addresses these needs in a fun and suitable way for these boys who are growing into young men.

Sam Hyer wants to start a club for boys in the 10 -14 year age range on Saturdays in Mallorca. She is looking for someone who can act as a male mentor and who is available from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays. Sam also wants to get in touch with mums and dads, who are interested in getting involved and helping their boys become well rounded men, learn new skills, and would benefit from and enjoy having a male role model to look up to. “We will be inviting men to come and impart their skills to the future men of the world, such as carpentry, building dens, archery, etc. So, anyone that has a skill or anyone that would like to get involved or participate please get in contact!” There will be payment for the mentor which will be raised from donations from the mums and dads of the boys that attend. It is a non-profit project. You can contact Sam on 627 262 210

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