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Developing island networks in 2015

Glynis German, Happiness Cafe, Mallorca

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Glynis German this week on her show, The Happiness Café, for Sunshine Radio 106.1FM. It’s a bit strange to be interviewed when you are normally the interviewer so thankfully she asked me questions about subjects close to my heart: my family, Mallorca and blogging. As she was asking me why I had started my blog back in 2006 I realised it was because of my need to make sense of events that had happened to me since moving to the island. My husband, then boyfriend, and I moved here in 2004, we set up a business, he got reactive arthritis, we got married, we had a baby, I was run over by a car, the business went bust, and then we struggled with debts and then the crisis. Through it all I’ve written my blog and subsequently found a lot of kindred spirits and travelling companions through my favourite social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.  When you blog you enjoy the freedom of speech that not everyone around the world enjoys, so I think you should exercise your rights and sign up for a free blog at WordPress or Blogger or Tumblr. If you want some help organising your blog then there are courses online that you can do, or you can come to one of my courses, the next beginners’ course will be in February, or you can just learn as you go. Blogs aren’t just for sharing funny pictures of your cats, or writing about how your two year old loves to defy you (was one of my recurring themes when I first started) but you can also help to build your business up by writing articles about what you do. But we’ll examine those ideas a bit more in next week’s column.

It was when we set up our photography and P.R. business in 2008 that we really started to learn what it took to be successful in business in Mallorca: grit, determination, a sense of humour, flexibility, an understanding bank manager, a good gestor and a wide network of people.  This year I’m hoping to expand that network of people to include more and more residents (part and full time) of our lovely island, because really, together we are stronger. To facilitate this I’m going to start going to a new social and business networking group on the island. It isn’t just for women, or just for men, it’s not just at lunchtime or dinnertime or just drinks, or at 6 am in the morning when I am tucked up in bed. You don’t have to pay a grand a year to be a member, and you won’t be excluded because there’s already someone with the same profession as you in the group so you can’t join. It meets at places around the island at different times on different days so there’s a chance to meet new people you haven’t met before. Sounds really good doesn’t it? Well, at least I would like to go to that group if it existed. But as far as I can tell, it doesn’t. So, let’s form one ourselves. If you want to attend a new networking group then let me know by emailing me and judging on the responses we can take it from there.

Let’s get something off the ground that we can all benefit from!


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