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Are you sitting comfortably?

Pouf Daddy, Mallorca, Vicki McLeod

You know it’s a good sign when businesses are launching themselves in your island. A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune to be at the Pouf Daddy launch. Cute name huh? The business is owned by Steve Crompton and Ben Sowton and supplies contemporary designer ‘flexible furniture’ for indoor and outdoor use.  Or beanbags to you and I. But not just any old beanbags, they are the “Daddy” of beanbags, and mighty comfy too.

Both of the owners of Pouf Daddy are Mallorca residents and have many years of experience in the events, restaurant, design and music industries as well as being  passionate sailors.  They came up with their business idea after noticing a gap in the furniture market for products which are comfortable, durable, stylish, and fun. “We started our business from scratch and designed our range of beanbags, including ones for babies and dogs” said Ben, “It’s fitting that the bespoke part of the Pouf Daddy range is made here in Mallorca as this is designed specifically for the Marine industry”.  The other beanbags feature a variety of quality fabrics, including linen, velvet, denim and faux leathers with a wide choice of colours. “We have been instrumental in the development of the business every step of the way which makes us even more proud of the reception it received at our launch party”, concluded Steve. “We want everyone to have fun with our creations; they are extremely comfortable, both for the bottom and for your wallet”. All of the beanbags will be available to purchase online at

What excites me about the range is not only a new business for Mallorca, but it seems to have been designed to fit in with the kind of lives we lead here. I like the innovative approach, and the user friendliness of the designs, they look funky, and they look hardwearing. AND their beanbags float in swimming pools for crying out loud, why hasn´t anyone thought of that one before? Wunderbar, good luck chaps, I hope you make a big success of your new venture.






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