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Life’s lessons learnt for 2015

I came across this list of "Lessons learned in 2015" written by (Please visit her website, it's full of ideas for inspiring creativity). I liked her list so much that I thought you might enjoy reading it as well. ..

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I came across this list of “Lessons learned in 2015” written by (Please visit her website, it’s full of ideas for inspiring creativity).  I liked her list so much that I thought you might enjoy reading it as well.  

1)  It’s okay to say no.

2)  Your creative voice lies where you feel vulnerable

3)  If you stay fluid bruises will become lessons

4)  Find your own habits and stick to them

5) Always be in motion

6) Creativity is a muscle, not a gift

7) Quantity matters

8) Be kind to yourself

9) Know the intention behind your decisions

10) Virtual connections can be life changing, IRL (in-real-life) connections are vital

lifes lessons

What have I learnt this year? It’s been a big year for me and my family in terms of growth, we’ve all done things which we’ve not done before, and we’ve all struggled and eventually succeeded in the goals we set out to achieve. For La Gidg it was the improvement in her Catalan and Castillano grades at school. She’s gone up two grades in Spanish and one grade in Catalan. When we went to get her end of term marks two days before Christmas it was quite the proudest moment for us all to see how she has improved. For me it has been to find an achievable work life balance where I get to do things which I need to do for my health, and in particular my back (I have sittingdownitis which is apparently as bad for you as smoking used to be) whilst still also earning a living and keeping most of my clients happy most of the time. My other goal was for this to be the year when we would finally earn enough money to get our kitchen sorted out. We didn’t quite get that in this year but we have put the plan in progress for it to be done by next March, so “Good enough for rock and roll” as a friend of mine used to say.  But the thing that I think we have all learnt collectively is to believe and have confidence in ourselves and our dreams, they are achievable, we can do it, we are in the right place.

2015 has been a year of movement and change in the Mallorcan expat community, quite a few people have moved back to the UK or onwards to somewhere else, making room for new faces and new ideas. I’ve seen increased confidence in businesses in Mallorca to invest in themselves but not necessarily in the traditional tourism areas, we’re seeing diversification: more interest in cycling and other sport tourism, more interest in Mallorca’s natural treasures, as well as the continuing appeal that our island has for the more “upmarket” visitor, and a boom in the nautical industry and services. What will 2016 hold for us all? I hope continued recovery from our various financial dips, a healthy and happy new year for you all, and a continued belief in ourselves that we are truly living our dreams, and if you aren’t then make steps to change what you’re doing so you’re living the happiest and most fulfilling life you possibly can. Happy new year. See you in 2016 xxx


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