Birth of blog ... Spring 2007
Birth of blog … Spring 2007

Welcome to Family Matters Mallorca.

This blog about expat life in Mallorca is written by Vicki McLeod.

If you are thinking about relocating to Mallorca (or Majorca, they’re the same place, first lesson!) then take a browse through this blog. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE BLOG. It has information about schools, work, living in the Mediterranean, dos and don’t about living in Mallorca, retiring here, growing up here, things to do, kids’ activities…. on and on we go! Put your search term into the box and see what comes back. If nothing comes back then email V(at)phoenixmediamallorca.com with your question.


Just won an award! ...Winter 2013
Just won an award! …Winter 2013


  1. Hey Vicki,

    Just came across your blog on expat focus. You had a lot of lovely comments so thought I’d pop by and say Hi. I’m an expat too, living in Seville. Often think life in Mallorca would be great. Was planning to go this year but doing up the house instead. Anyway, looking forward to more posts. Thanks. Barry

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